Giving the turntables a rest!

So, after a good year or so, I decided that it was time to create another PC-made mixtape.

Time to fire up Acid Pro and get down to it then.

After numerous problems with crashing (I didn’t have the soundcard plugged in, causing ASIO issues, doh!), it was time to start using the tracks that had been harvested from vinyl rips, Bandcamp and (the very handy) BBC Radio Player “playlister” tool.

Lots of jazzy goodness and plenty of down-tempo stuff was added and beatmapped in to a 75 minute long  jigsaw puzzle that took about 20 hours to get the final picture.


The final result is up already at The Mixingbowl (they ALWAYS get 24 hours of exclusivity) and will be on my Mixcloud page within the next 24 hours.

If anyone wants a direct download link, email me at and I’ll make it happen.