Hey Brother, can I get a seat at your table?

We all know where we want to eat, but the table is high up. You need to sit on a tall chair to dine on the fayre available but not everybody has one; generally the seats at these tables need to be earned..

So what do you do if you want a seat but don’t want to earn it? Its simple. You enrol an army of woodworm, set it loose on the legs of the table and they eat away until it collapses to the floor. Congratulations! You have your seat at the table serving the metaphorical Wagyu Beef, Dom Perignon and Grey Goose. But there are a few problems now… Firstly, you’ve brought everyone at that table down to your level and while that may appear good for you, it’s not good for the original occupants and they are pissed that you have caused their chairs to rot. Secondly, you’ve made a target of yourself for anybody else who wants a seat. What, you think people would try and take one of the other place settings? Nope, no way. Those guys have been there for a long time, they are on first name terms with each other and the maitre d’ and the waiters know what they want from the fine wine cellar without being told. Every wannabe will gun for YOU because YOU are the weakest link at that table, you are only sitting there because of the woodworm you deployed and no one of consequence will have your back.

What the hell has this got to do with Djing? Well, it’s a simple moral story. We all want to get to where we think our talent deserves to be and we have to keep working in order to reach that destination. In fact, even when we get there, we have to continue the fight against complacency. It’s a tough slog and there are many distractions and hazards along the way. This post has come about because recently I have had the displeasure to witness someone in possession of woodworm attempt to smash the chairs belonging to bonafide World Champions and globally respected DJs in an attempt to bring them down to the level where he resides. Unfortunately for him, these chairs are made of concrete and they are not collapsing! It was a very high risk manoeuvre because any respect that was there has been flushed down the toilet and further chances won’t be forthcoming. Remember, shit only ever flows down and if you try to throw it up, it will come back on you tenfold.

As I said, we all know where we want to eat. That Wagyu Beef is so much more tender and the Grey Goose is so much colder when you are invited to the table after earning the seat. As for the guys sitting at the table right now, I’m working hard to get my invitation, I’m looking forward to seeing the menu and I’m going to clink those glasses of Goose with you when I get there.