The Democratisation of DJ Culture?

Going back to the 80s, after the Human League, OMD and other “Electro-Pop” bands had kicked off with the technology available at the time, manufacturers found ways of making that technology cheaper and more accessible to the masses. The £50,000 Fairlight CMI Series III (along with the £40 an hour programmer) was replaced by the […]

Sunday morning up with the lark

“I think I’ll take a walk in the park, hey-hey-hey, what a beautiful day.” As a child, we had a “stereo” in the “front room”; I’m convinced now that everyone had “hi-fi” and “lounge”, but this is the 70s I’m talking about. My brother was into the hard rock and metal of the day. Bands […]

Giving the turntables a rest!

So, after a good year or so, I decided that it was time to create another PC-made mixtape. Time to fire up Acid Pro and get down to it then. After numerous problems with crashing (I didn’t have the soundcard plugged in, causing ASIO issues, doh!), it was time to start using the tracks that […]